Mathematical Games

We have been playing strategy games this week and learning how to use our mathematical thinking to help us win! Perfect training for all those games at Christmas!

Our first games this week was Shut the BoxYou can try out the game by clicking on the link above.

You have to roll two dice and you can turn over any cards that add up to that title. If you cannot turn any more over your go has ended. You count up the numbers you have left and the person with the smallest number wins. If you don’t have any left you have shut the box!

What number do you definitely have to roll to shut the box? A good answer will explain your mathematical thinking using because.

Christmas Writing Challenge

Slowly your eyes flutter open and you realise you are in bed. Your covers are warm and your bed is comfortable. You really don’t want to get up but wait…it’s not a school day! Suddenly, you remember it is Christmas day!

It is really early and everyone else in your house is still asleep. Silently, you creep down the stairs and tiptoe into the room you know the presents are in. But there, behind the tree on the wall, is something you have never seen before. An old, battered door with a rusty handle. Streaming through the key hole is a brilliant, bright shaft of light. Nervously, you bring your eye up to the key hole and peer through…

What do you see? Write three sentences describing the view through the key hole. The more magical, the better!

How the rabbit tried to kill a wolf by Henley

Once upon a time there were no animals to hunt. But one day, a young brave hunter discovered he could go to Skara Brae to hunt some food.

First, he told some farmers but the farmers just grinned because he was ready for a stone age party! Next, he told the hunters but the hunters threw their spears and run away! After that, he told a fierce cave bear but the angry cave bear just chuckled!

imageFinally, he told his friend, a brown and white rabbit called Moses, who believed  him. So the two friends decided to look for a dusty wolf quickly so they searched and they searched and they searched until they found one. They tip-toed and the brave young hunter caught it with a spear. Then silly old black rabbit tried to kill a wolf!

But at that moment, he realised he couldn’t kill anything so he ran and he ran and he ran until he was blocked by trees. Immediately, all of the hunters came to save him. And so to this very day you can still see why the brave young hunter got some food to eat and eat!!!

How the gatherer got his name by Paul

Once upon a time the pea brain hunters did not know how to craft.

But one day a young hunter discovered his little brain got bigger and he found out how to craft.

First, he told the dumb hunters but the hunters just gasped!

Next, he told the good fixer but the fixer just jumped!

After that, he told the nice dresser but the dresser just smiled!

Finally, he told the first modern man who believed him.

So the two buddies decided to climb to the top of the wailing alps or also called the blind man’s eye.  They climbed, climbed, and climbed until they reached the top of the wailing alps. Suddenly young gatherer  took off his heavy bag and strapped the things together  to make a stone spear.

All the the stone age men cheered noisily! Then silly old modern man tried to craft. At that moment he realised he could not craft so he tripped on a branch and fell down, down, and down until he smashed on the rocks below.  As quick as a flash, all of them climbed down to help him.

And it is to this very day you can still see leftover parts to make a wheelchair piece by piece.

Hunting Neolithic Animals

We played a game that was based around Stone Age hunting. The first dice we threw had the number 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 12 on it. This told us which ladder to pick to measure the move of our animals. The second dice told us how many rungs to move along the ladder. We had to reach the end of the grassland before the hunter caught up to us.

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Here are the ladders we used. They are all the same size but they are divided into different sections.

l1 l2

We found it was better to roll a low number on the first dice. Can you say why that would be in the comments below? What number was the best to roll on the second dice?