Robot helpers!

Our chief electrician and robotics expert, Jackson, has been designing some robots to help us look after the time machine and show off his skills.

His prototype robot is called Brush-robot and he is designed to keep everything clean to make sure everyone feels at home in the Neolithic age. Here is his video to show his robot.

What other robot do you think Jackson should design for our time machine? A good answer will say what job they would do and why we need them to do it.

Science: Cress Experiment

We have been germinating cress seeds for the last week to see which conditions are the best for growing plants.

We thought they would need light and water so we have kept them as damp as we can and placed them in various different places over every evening.


Here are our results…

…and these are our conclusions…

Which cress tray do you think has grown the most and why?

Which cress tray do you think has grown the least and why?

Are there any results that you found surprising?

If you were going to do this experiment again, what would you change?

Science: seed dispersal

We have been learning about how seeds travel so that they are not competing for resources with the parent plant. We when on a plant treasure hunt around the school field to find examples of seed dispersal.

But can you say how some of these seeds disperse?

A good answer will think about how the seed manages to travel.